The Cname Records consist of an association between a host name and relevant pointing, which will be in the form of a text string. It is in fact an INDIRECT association as the host in CNAME will point to ANOTHER name which, in turn, will correspond to an existing Record (A or AAAA or CNAME) which may or may not belong to the domain.
For example, you may have: pointing to:
where “” is the domain for which you purchased the “DNS Management” service and “any” is any which domain it points to.
The CName records are also known as “Alias” as they represent alternative names to existing  records (A or AAAA or CNAME).

To change, add or delete a CName record you simply need to click the “Manage” button in the section relevant to the CNAME Record:

N.B. You can manage the CNAME Record, only if you have chosen to use the Name Servers of Aruba.
If not the settings of the CNAME Record must be set on the machines that you have chosen to use.

Add a CName record
To add a CName record you need to:

  • Enter the host name in the “Host” field;
  • Enter the name of the host to which you wish to point to in the “CName” field;
  • Click on “Add Record” to confirm your choice;

  • • Click on “Continue”;
    • Click on “Save Configuration” to save the settings.

    Change a CName record
    To change a CNAME Record you need to:
    • Select the Record that you wish to change;
    • Click this icon   
    found next to the host name;

    • Make the changes:

    • Confirm the changes by clicking this icon  next to the changed Record.
      • Click on the “Continue” button;
      • Click on “Save Configuration” to save the settings

      Delete a CName record
      To delete a CName Record you need to:
      • Select the Record that you wish to delete;
      • Click on the  “Delete” icon found in the horizontal menu at the top: 

      • Click on the “Continue” button
      • Click on “Save Configuration” to save the settings.