What is the “Import” icon used for ?

In each page of the various Records, in the menu at the top, you will find the “Import” icon.


By clicking this icon you can load a configuration that may have been changed by respecting the suitable syntax, previously exported and saved locally.
N.B. By clicking on the “Import” icon you will only load the configuration of the Record that is indicated in the page where you clicked the “Import” icon (for example: if you are on the page relevant to the A Record, and you click on “Import”, you will only load the configuration relevant to the A Records).

To successfully restore the configuration of the domain, you need to take Record by Record, by going to the specific pages and clicking the “Import” icon in the menu at the top.

N.B.: We remind you that, in order to confirm the changes made on the Records, you must click on “Continue” found at the bottom of the page and then on “Save Configuration”.