Why you should save a copy of the configuration locally

By clicking the “Export” icon found in the menu at the top in the pages of each Record or on  “Export Configuration” found at the bottom of the main page of the DNS Control Panel, you  can make a copy of the entire configuration of the domain zone and save it locally, choosing one of the available file formats.
Saving a copy of the configuration locally can be useful and advisable because:
  • This way you will always have a copy of the configuration chosen for the domain on your computer. You will also be able to recover and restore such data if, for any reason, it is no longer displayed on the Control Panel or you are no longer able to manage it;
  • If you wish to make substantial changes to the configuration, it will be easier and faster making them all at the same time in one single step, directly in the copy that was saved locally (by using the suitable syntax) and therefore import the correct file again on the control panel, rather than making changes on each single Record.