Aruba provides users with web interfaces created for checking email accounts directly online.

The Webmail is available at and allows users to check the following email accounts  




-      @domainname.ext


The Webmail comes in various languages, various designs and it includes useful menus for managing your emails, for example:

  • SEARCH – The intuitive menu, to search messages and contacts in your Webmail: this will include both the Quick Search, to search messages and contacts quickly in the respective folders, and the Advanced Search for a more in-depth and detailed search thanks to the search filters (subject of the message, recipient, sender, date etc).
  • FILTERS – The menu which allows you to add and customise the rules for filtering incoming messages. Based on the criteria set by the user, the system will move the received messages to certain folders specified by the user, or forward them to another email account or even delete them, if needed.
  • CALENDAR: The tool which allows you to enter, with just a few simple clicks, appointments, events, meetings etc. with the option of sending (and receiving) automatic email reminders.
  • BLACK LIST: You can block the messages sent from a certain email address or the messages sent from all the email addresses of one particular domain.
    The messages sent from a blocked email address or domains will be deleted automatically, without being delivered.
  • ANTISPAM FILTER* - To indicate potential spam content of received e-mails. If the filter identifies a message as spam you can select whether to change the subject, or move it directly to the Unwanted Mail folder, or even delete it.
  • DELETE E-MAILS AUTOMATICALLY: The messages in the trash folder will be deleted from the server after 90 days, as will the messages in the spam folder, which will be deleted automatically after 30 days. This automatic function allows you to recover space for your email account.

*N.B. The Antispam service is available by default for all the and email accounts, whereas for accounts it needs to be purchased.