After logging into the Webmail, you will be taken to the Desktop where you will have access to quick functions like for example:

• Create New Message
• Create New Contact
• Create New Group
• Create New Event
• Create New Task
• Create New Document

Thanks to the dropdown menu on the left, you will find the following menus:








Web Storage

Sharing Management




Search: here you can search in one or more messages or folders, based on various criteria of your choice.

Messages: section where you will find all the message folders.

The following folders will be displayed by default:

• Inbox 
• Draft
• Sent 
• Spam
• Trash

Naturally, you can add, edit, rename and manage new folders and subfolders in your webmail, which will be found in this section.

Contacts: this section displays the contacts of the Webmail address book:
You can add, edit and delete the contacts of the address book, create and organise groups, import contacts from external address books etc…

Calendar:in this section you can organise your calendar, by entering appointments, meetings, reminders, etc.
The calendar can also be published and shared with other people, thanks to the iCal application.

Tasks: it is possible to enter new tasks, indicating a start / due date, Priority and Status and % of progress

Web Storage: included in the Business Mail service.

Sharing Management: this feature allows you to share the Calendar, Address Book and  Documents with other users and is included in the Business Mail service.

Management: this function can only be managed from the Postmaster account.

Options: this section includes the following menu, through which it is possible to manage the settings of each option:

Preferences: allows you to manage the settings of the messages, contacts and calendar like: Name displayed on sender, refresh time of the webmail, or logout time in case of no activity, time zone of the webmail, forwarding options, etc..

Signatures: used to enter one or more signatures to be included in the outgoing email messages

External Accounts: allows you to configure up to 4 external email addresses which can then be managed through the Webmail. This function is included in the Business Mail service.

Black List: allows you to block the email messages sent from specific senders or all senders of one specific domain.
Any message sent from a blocked sender or domain will be automatically deleted, without being delivered.

Filters: allows you to setup filters for your mail, like for example moving specific types of messages to specific message folders.

Forward/Auto-Reply: let’s you set automatic replies for each incoming message, or forward all incoming messages to another email account (useful service for periods of absence – sorting work activities etc..)

Antispam: used to activate the antispam filter and adjust its sensitivity, also choosing to mark the subject or move the messages to specific unwanted mail folders.

Password: used to change the password of your account in real time.

Display Mask: allows you to specify the fields (columns) that will be displayed in the Contact list.

Folder Management: let’s you display the status of the mail folders. This section indicates the number of received messages, how many are unread etc... also, from this section you can delete all the email messages, and export the folders locally.