Creating and sending a new email message using the Webmail

To create and send a new email massage, after logging into the Webmail, you must click on New message:

  A message composition page will open where you can:

To field: enter the recipient of the message.
Add Cc/Bcc: add the field to enter any Cc recipients or blind Cc recipients.
Subject: enter the subject of the message.
Options: set High Priority - Confidential

In the box where you type the message, by selecting Rich Text you can write the text using various text formatting (like for example colours, bold, emoticon etc) and by selecting Plain Text you can write without any formatting

Whereas, with the buttons found above the message composition box, you can:

Send the message
Save the message 
Attach one or more files to the message
Add a signature to the text.


After sending the email, if the recipient is not already saved in your address book, you can save his/her details or update the existing contact