Add a new contact to the address book of the Webmail

To add a new contact to your address book, after logging into the Webmail, click on New Contact as shown below::

In both cases, a page will appear in which you can enter the details of the contact you wish to add.

After filling in the fields of your choice, you can save the new contact by clicking on Save (found at the top of the screen).

It is possible to add various details for each contact, including details related to Social Networks, simply by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol indicated in the image below and selecting the options from the dropdown menu:

Email addresses and other information can be added from the Addresses and Additional Information tabs, whereas by clicking on the Upload Photo button, you can add an image or a photo to the contact.

Once completed, the new contact will be displayed in the list of contacts.


To search a contact, simply click on one of the letters of the alphabet and all the contacts which begin with the selected letter will be displayed.

Also, the preview of the contacts, available by clicking on the name of the selected contact, allows you to:

-      view all the information of that contact

-      send a new message easily and quickly

-      view all the messages sent or received to/by the contact in question

After sending an email, if the recipient is not already saved in your address book, you can save his/her details or update the existing contact: