The email Filters function, found in the Options menu, allows you to add and customise the rules to filter Incoming emails;
Based on the criteria set by the user of the webmail, the system will move the received messages to certain folders or forward them to another email account or even delete them, if needed.

Thanks to the provided dropdown menu, you can set specific rules for example:

e.g.: Rule 1 – if From Contains – mario.rossi – Move to – Important Mail;  
        Rule 2 – if Subject Begins with – advertising – Move to – Trash,

The rules will be applied in decreasing order.
If various rules contain the same criteria, the first rule that was processed by the system will be applied.

e.g.: Rule 1 - if FromContains - pippo - Move to – Drafts;  
        Rule 2 – if FromContains - pippo - Move to – Trash,

the system will only apply the first rule, moving it to Drafts.

You can move the sequence of the rules by using the up down  buttons
You can Enable/Disenable a rule by clicking on

Enabled – the rule will be processed
Disabled – the rule will not be processed