The Webmail of Aruba provides the users of the service, with a Calendar menu, with which you can organise your appointments, enter events and reminders, work meetings  etc…  with the possibility of inviting and/or notifying the event to one or more email address.

To enter a new event you need to click on “New Event” as shown below,

and you will be able to enter a new event based on the available options:

Event Title/Description: to enter a descriptive title of the event e.g.: sellers meeting
Where: to enter information about the location of the event e.g.:
Conference room - Or - Rome office Via Imperatore.
Start on: to enter the time in which the event takes place.
End on: to enter the end time of the event.
Repeat: to enter the frequency of an event. For example: repeat event every Monday.
Invitations: in the invitation section you can enter one or more email address separated by a comma which will receive an invitation with information about the event
Reminder: you can enter an email address to which you would like to send a reminder of the event, also selecting how long before the event you wish to send the reminder.