How to open a new support ticket

You can open a new Support Ticket free of charge by:

Entering your login details directly in the relevant section found on the Home Page of the website;

2. Going to the Ticket Section  and clicking on the “Submit Ticket” option

You will then be able to enter your details and request in the provided fields.
In particular you will need to:

  • Select the category relevant to your request by choosing one of the options found in the dropdown  menu:
  • Click on “Next”
  • Select, if required, the specific service you are enquiring about;

You will then reach a screen in which you must enter some basic information about the domain in question and the request that you wish to submit.
You must indicate, in the most detailed and precise way possible, the question that you wish to ask in the message text boxattaching any file that may be required or useful in order to describe the problem (for example: images or screenshots of errors, payment receipts, etc.)

The fields marked by an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

ATTENTION: many answers and solutions to more frequent technical or operational problems, are found in the “Guides and useful information” section.
For this reason, while you are entering the subject and the message, the system shall automatically provide various articles related to the problem in question.

You can therefore see the information that they contain:

  • If the information that is provided is satisfactory, you will no longer need to send the Ticket or wait for the reply from the Staff members of Aruba;


  • If however, the information in the suggested articles is not enough or you need further details, you will need to send a Ticket.

    The Tickets will be given an ID number (Ticket ID) which may be used to check their status or to update them.