How to update an open ticket

The support Tickets, can be reopened or updated at any time.

The support service via Ticket is completely free of charge, therefore you will not be charged any additional cost for opening or updating requests.

To update a Ticket you need to:

  • Then click on View Tickets.



This way you can view the list of requests sent with your login details, the subject, the date the ticket was opened and its Status.
If the Ticket has been set to an ACTIVE status, it means that the request is still being dealt with by the appropriate department.
You can update the Ticket if you wish, and also for example, add new details, send new attachments or add     requests.
In this case you must click on the subject of the Ticket that you wish to update and select the “Update Ticket” option found in the menu on the left.








If on the other hand the Ticket has already been closed, but you still wish to update a request relevant to the same issue, you can reopen the Ticket.


Furthermore you can close a Ticket if, for any reason, you no longer need the requested technical/administration  support.

ATTENTION: Updating a ticket, adding details or information, does NOT give the ticket higher priority, just as by opening more tickets for the same issue on different categories will not bring any advantages.