How to attach a file to a ticket

A Ticket can also be used as a means to transmit documents to Aruba without having to send  a fax.

For example you can attach to a Ticket:

- copies of payment receipts,
- forms for change of details,
- images and screenshots of errors you may encounter when using the services of Aruba.

When you open, change or update a ticket, under the "Message body" box, you will find the 'Attachments' section. By clicking the "Browse" button, you can select the file that you wish to attach, found in your PC, and once you have attached it you can send it to the support team of  Aruba by clicking "Send" at the bottom of the ticket.

You can attach several files to the same ticket but they must NOT exceed 2048Kb in total.

N.B.: The support service via Ticket is completely free of charge, therefore there is no additional cost for opening or updating requests.