The change of Registrant (below also referred to as owner) of a .ES domain name can be carried out by the current owner from the provided password protected area of the Registry website, using the ID code of the owner, or rather the Nic-Handle or Identifier and Password.

How to proceed

1. Get the ID code

-         Log in at:

-       Enter the .ES domain name

-       Click on SEARCH

-       By clicking on the details of the Registrant you will see the Identifier code, e.g. ‘81751B-ESNIC-F5’

The Password can be requested by the Registrant or by the Administrative Contact Person from the following page:

and will be sent by email at the email address of the Registrant, from the following sender address: ''.

 2. Create a contact person for the new Registrant/Owner

-       Proceed from the following page:

-       Select the Registrant type (Person or Legal Person)

-       If the new Registrant is not a Spanish citizen (NIF/NIE), select ‘Other’

-       Enter the VAT Number or National ID Number depending on the Registrant type.


After completing the above the new contact will be displayed and, as for the old contact, the Password will need to be requested, which will be sent to the indicated email address.

3.    Access the .es domain management section

-       The current Registrant needs to log in the .es domain management section using his/her login details, at:


-       Click on the “Domain Transfer Request” option found in the menu on the left

-       Enter the required following details:


NEW REGISTRANT: new Identifier 

NEW ACP: usually the Admin Contact is the same as the new Registrant. If the new  registrant is a company, enter the name and surname of the Legal Representative. 

-       Enter the given code

-       Click on CONTINUE.

4.    Send the ID card of the current Registrant

Click on Proceed without electronic DNI/Certificate, which allows you to send a copy of the ID card.

A summary page will appear with the details of the request you are making.

The process must be completed within 10 DAYS from the date of submission to the NIC.ES Registry.

5. The current Registrant will receive confirmation of delivery of the request to the Registry.

Example of confirmed delivery



6. Once the current Registrant has accepted the request, the new Registrant will have 5 days to do the same, before the request is cancelled. He/she will receive the following email:

Example of email received by the new Registrant


By clicking on CONFIRM a new page will open requesting confirmation.



7. After confirming the change of ownership (by clicking on ‘confirm’ and on ‘yes’ where requested) you will need to indicate the TC (Technical Contact) and the IC (Invoicing Contact). We recommend that you enter the id of the new Registrant.

8. Last of all:

-       Select the Registrar option (NOT End User)

-       Select TUCOWS

-       Indicate the Aruba Dns in the provided spaces

-       Enter the Captcha code* shown at the bottom of the page


After submitting the request to the Registry, the applicant will receive confirmation of a successful or failed application.

Required documentation

Said confirmation must also be sent to Aruba, together with the request for change of login and password, change of billing details and change of contact email address, if required. 


All the required documentation can be sent by either:

  • Opening a Ticket, through which you can send a scanned copy of the documentation.   
  • Sending a fax on the number +39.0575.862100


* Code with distorted and twisted letters or numbers displayed on the screen.