With Windows Applications Installer you can install and manage the following applications on your web space in Windows Hosting:

Blogengine.net: is an open - source application developed in ASP.NET 2.0. which allows you to create and manage blogs which are fully customisable, both in design and settings.
BlogEngine.NET includes a vast range of features and widgets like: coComments; Gravatar; Tag XFN, tag Clouds and many others, which you can manage through the Control Panel of the application.

Media Library Starter Kit: is an application which allows you to create a set of multimedia items which can be shared with other users.
The application, in fact, allows registered users to create and customise their set of multimedia  items, as well as manage the shared material and loan requests received from other users.

NopCommerce: is an open - source solution with which you can set up your own e-commerce website.
By using this application you can create the online catalogue, manage the shopping trolley and the payments and customise the design and other useful tools provided to set up your online shop.

Screwtum wiki: is an application, based on Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5, which allows you to  create, manage and share wiki, in other words websites which can be updated and developed by anyone who has access to them. 
ATTENTION: This application is not compatible with Small Business Starter Kit.

Small Business Site Starter Kit: The application, developed in ASP.NET 2.0, provides a customisable model which is useful to create websites aimed at promoting small and medium  businesses, creating various sections like Catalogues, News and Case History. 
ATTENTION: This application is not compatible with ScrewTurnWiki.

SUBTEXT: is an open - source application which can be used to create and manage your own blog platform choosing from a vast range of skins included in the package.
A distinctive feature of the application is its extreme simplicity which makes it very user-friendly even for those with no technical knowledge.

YetAnotherForum.net: is an open - source application for the creation and management of  forums. YetAnotherForum (YAF), entirely written in C#ASP.NET, supports Microsoft SQL Server database and is given under licence by GPL (General Public License).

MojoPortal: allows you to create websites and portals in ASP.NET even if you have no knowledge of HTML language. Extremely easy to use, Mojo Portal offers the possibility to create dynamic websites with the support of database and add and manage tools like Blogs, Forums, PhotoAlbum, etc.