Windows Applications Installer is a free Tool available to all those who have a domain with  Windows Hosting or Windows+Linux Hosting service registered with Aruba and a MS SQL Server database.
(If you do not have a database, it can be ordered at any time at: ).

The service allows you to install and manage a set of useful applications on your web space in Windows Hosting for the creation of Forums, Blogs, e-commerce websites and the promotion of businesses and companies, without having to buy any additional software.

The service can be managed in a very easy and intuitive way by using the provided control panel, available through the Control Panel of your domain.
With this new service you can install and manage popular applications on your web space,  even if you do not have technical skills.

In addition, for the use of the software available with  Windows Applications Installer, Aruba offers maximum security and reliability in the performance of its servers and maximum  compatibility with other applications which may be installed.

ATTENTION: Windows Applications Installer can only be used with MSSQL Server
database and on second level domains.
This Tool will not work if you have My Sql database.