The applications which come with the Windows Applications Installer Service can be installed directly through the Control Panel of the service.
To open the Control Panel of your domain, simply enter your Login and password, and then click the icon.

This way you will gain access to the Control Panel with which you can manage the service.

To install a new application:

• Click the ”Install a new application” button;
• Select the application you wish to install from the list of applications;
• Fill in the form with the required details (for more information on how to fill in the form use the provided guide).

Once you have entered the details, by clicking the confirmation button a page will be displayed with a summary of your details.
Once you have filled in the form correctly and with no errors, you must click the “Install” button to finish installing the application automatically.

ATTENTION! To install the applications you need to have a MSSQL Server DataBase.
If you do not have a database, it can be ordered at any time at: