What you can do through the Control Panel – ArubaNUKE Area

Aruba provides you with a Control Panel so you can manage the settings of your own services.

Here below are the applications available in the control panel of the ArubaNuke service.

In section N°1 “Control Panel” you will find the general tools indicated in the appropriate guide, while section N°2 “Domain Management ” will include the following Tools:


 DOT NET NUKE – This application allows you to access the ArubaNUKE portal directly and adjust your website online through the integrated web editor.  

 EMERGENCY LOGIN – This tool is useful in case the "Login Module", which is necessary to  login as administrator on your website, is deleted by mistake. Through this application it is possible to login directly on your Portal to make changes, add or delete modules, pages and so on.

 DELETE NUKE LOGS – This application allows you to delete the Logs from the Database of your ArubaNUKE. The dialogue window includes options that allow you to choose whether to delete all the Logs, the Logs of the last 3 months, or the less recent Logs relevant to the last 6 months. Once you have chosen, click "Proceed" to  proceed with the deletion.

 WWW POINTING MANAGEMENT -  This application allows you to choose on which address  you would like to display the website created with Nuke (nuke.domainname.xxx or www.domainname.xxx). The modification requires 24/48h.

 NUKE (DataBase) BACKUP – This Tool allows those with ArubaNUKE to request their own  Backup of the DataBase simply by using the relevant button. The request is placed in queue for processing, after which the BackUp file is generated.

N.B. For specific use of each Module and complete Management to create your WebSite, you will find the Video Guide online at http://nuke.aruba.it/Guide.asp.