What you can do with the Control Panel - Windows Hosting Section

Aruba provides all its customers with a Control Panel which can be used to manage the settings of the services.

Here below are the applications included in the control panel of the Windows Hosting service:

In section N°1, “Control Panel”, besides the general tools indicated in the provided guide, you will find the following application:

FTP TEST – A tool which allows you to check the Ftp connection of your domain.

In section N°2, “Domain Management”, you can access the menus of the Windows area: 

The interface of the section has many functions like:

  RESTORE ORIGINAL CONFIGURATION OF THE DOMAIN: this application allows you to:

•    Restore the permissions and the corrupt FrontPage extensions. This requires 60 minutes. Before you make a new request it is essential that you wait until the previous  one has been completed. For further information see the guide at: "Why the Frontpage extensions become corrupt and how it can be avoided";
•    Restore the permissions of all the special folders found in your web space. For more  information see the guide at: "Folders found in the web space and permissions";

   WINDOWS APPLICATIONS INSTALLER: this application allows you to  install various applications which can be used to create blogs, forums, e-commerce websites and many other web solutions used to improve your website, make it more functional and to suit any requirement.

For more information on provided applications and how to use Windows Applications Installer, see the relevant guides

PERMISSION MANAGER: this application allows you to:

•    Manage the web space of your website by creating, changing and deleting folders and files;
•    Set and manage reading, writing and executing permissions of files and folders of your web space;
•    Create a backup file, where the permissions assigned to files and folders will be saved;
•    Restore the permissions saved in the backup file.
For more information and details on the new Permission Manager service, use our guides

SCHEDULED TASKS: this application allows you to schedule the launch of  an application found in the web space of the domain and program operations based on specified dates and times.
For further information on how to use the service see our guides

For more details on the Windows File Manager use the online Video Guide of the Aruba Vademecum.