How to configure the email accounts of your domain with the IMAP service

Aruba’s additional IMAP service gives you the possibility to configure your Mail Client with the accounts of your Domain. Here are the benefits and the parameters for the configuration:

- Better access to post from any device;
- More stability compared to the POP protocol (which tends to download the same messages more than once);
- Share the same account with different users who can:

          1. See and manage all massages saved on the server;
          2. Create and manage customized folders.

Al this by using more than one Mail Client or through Aruba’s Webmail, and only if ALL users who connect use the IMAP protocol.
Before you configure an email account using the IMAP protocol, you need to delete the configuration that you previously made using the POP3 protocol.

The parameters for the configuration of Aruba IMAP accounts, are the following:

Full name: Mario Rossi
Email address: accountname@domainname.ext
Password: la password chosen when creating the account IMAP
Protocol Type: IMAP
Server for incoming mail: imap.domainname.ext
Server for outgoing mail: smtp.domainname.ext
Incoming Server Port (POP3): 143
Outgoing Server Port (SMTP): 25 *

*for the outgoing mail server you must tick the 'My Server requires authentication' box

Once you have configured the account, you will see the following folders:

Sent (for sent messages)
(for deleted messages)

As you read before, one of the benefits of having an IMAP account is to be able to share customised folders with other users connected to the same account. To subscribe or delete your subscription to an IMAP account,
see our guide.

By using the IMAP protocol, the messages are saved on the server and all the users who gain access to the account, through client or from the
webmail, can then view them.

Should users select POP3 for the incoming mail protocol when configuring the account (without selecting the ‘Leave a copy of the messages on the Server’ option) they will download all the incoming messages found on the server and these will no longer be available to users who access the account using the IMAP protocol.

The IMAP protocol can also be used with accounts activated with Unlimited Email and

Further information for configuration can be found on our VideoGuide on Aruba Support (we chose the
Microsoft Outlook 2013”  client as an example).