Once you have opened SiteBuilder and the Manage Website page of the website that you wish to create you will need to follow the process which, with a few simple steps, allows you to build your website.
Here below is a description of the steps you need to follow in the various creation stages of the template:

 - Step 1: select the category which most suits the website you are about to create, choosing from “Personal & family Related” and “Business & Professional”

 - Step 2: once you have chosen the preferred category select the template, (or rather the design) that you wish to use for your website by clicking it with the mouse
N.B.: by placing the mouse over the images of the templates, you can view a preview and choose a background colour.

 - Step 3: after choosing the template, you can begin to customise the content

In the menu at the top you will find 5 buttons:

TRY ANOTHER TEMPLATE: to choose a different template for your website;

: to change the colour of the selected template;
N.B.: The colour of the template can be changed at any time, even after the website has been created, this change will not affect the content that you previously saved.

CHANGE IMAGE: to change the image used for the home page of the website, using either one of the images found in the gallery or your own images, uploading them by using the browse button.

: to change the titles and subtitles found in the template:
By clicking this button the areas that can be edited will be highlighted, select one (by clicking it with the mouse) and enter the Title that you wish to publish in the provided field found in the dialogue box. If you do not wish to enter a title, simply select the “Blank Title” option.

: this button will only be displayed during the initial stage of choosing a template. If clicked, it will allow you to save the information entered in the text fields (title, contact email address etc..), which will be displayed in all the other templates should you wish to use a different one.

 - Step 4
: once you have selected the main features, (background colour, main image, titles etc..) click on “Submit Changes” to save the customised template and the Home Page of your website.

 - Step 5: add pages to your website, by entering the name in the provided fields. (You can add, rename and delete the pages at any time, for more information see the guide called “Website management and available functions”.