Once you have selected a template for your website, you can change the titles and the images that you entered before.  By clicking the Change Image button you can choose to use either one of the images found in the gallery, or upload your own images.

By selecting the “Choose from gallery” option you simply need to select an image from the gallery and enter it in the template.

By selecting the “Use your own image” option you need to choose one of the following:

with this option you can upload an image from your PC.
After completing the upload, you will be able to adjust the size of the image to the template selecting the part of the image and the size that you wish to publish. Once selected, by clicking on “submit”, the system will process the image and show various display options and effects from which to choose from.
By clicking on “More options” found in the bottom right corner, more effects will be displayed.
To select the effect that you wish to use simply click on it with the mouse.

with this option you can download the background on which to place the image of the template, in order to process it using software for creating images.
This way you can use a customised image with the chosen background.