Once you have chosen the template and built the general structure of your website, you can then manage it from the section called “Website Manager”.
This includes various functions: here below is a description of the various actions that you can perform from this section:

1_ Side menu which includes the following options:
  • Page manager: to go to the page management section where you can manage the website pages;
  • Goodies and Add-ons: to select the Add-ons that wish to add to your pages, choosing from those provided with the application (for example: set a password for specific pages, add a hit counter; a Calendar, a field for fast Google searching and many more);
  • Change the footer of the website: to change the information entered in the footer of the  website. By changing the footer, all the pages of the website will automatically display the new footer.
  • User Detail Settings: to enter and edit any personal information such as name, surname, email address etc… 
  • Account Settings: to enter and edit information such as name, surname, email addresses used for sending emails from pages and forms of the website like: contact form, GuestBook, etc…
  • Manage other websites: if you have more than one domain associated to the same login with the SiteBuilder service, from this section you can go to the “Website manager” to create and/or edit the  various websites.

    : the list will only display the domains on which you have activated SiteBuilder .
2_Page options: this section lists all the pages found in the website built with SiteBuilder: for each page you can:
  • Edit the content and/or the type;
  • Delete it 
  • View a preview
3_ Page management: from this section you can:
  • Add a new page to the website;
  • Rename the pages that you have already created;
  • Change the order in which they are presented in the menu of the home page;
  • Change or edit the template chosen for your website.
4_ Preview and publish: by using these two buttons you can see the preview of the website that you built with SiteBuilder and publish it online.
ATTENTION: by clicking the publish button, the website that you have built with SiteBuilder will overwrite everything that is found in the web space of your domain.
Therefore if a website is already present, after you publish the content that you created with SiteBuilder it will no longer be available.

5_Manuals and guides: in this section you will find various useful guides, including a complete user manual and some illustrated guides to help you create and manage specific pages.