By clicking on “Edit” found next to the name of each page in the “Website Manager” section you can edit the content of the page or type of page.


By clicking the "Yes, proceed to edit" button

You can open the selected page and proceed to change the content

Whereas by clicking on the second option

the system will display the types of pages that you can use, however those marked with a padlock may not be used.

The types of pages that you can install are:



  • Text Page: allows you to create a page, where you can enter text, links and images.
  • Form Page: allows you to create a page with a contact form. By selecting this option, you can also select the type of form you wish to use, choosing from various options provided by the system: by going over each option with the mouse, you can view a preview;
  • Guest Book: allows you to create a page where the users of the website can submit comments;
  • Stand-alone pages: allows you to transform any page in a Stand-alone Page. These are normal web pages which have the peculiarity of not showing in the navigation menu found in the website. As the pages feature a web address they can be reached from links placed in the website pages or directly by typing the URL in the address bar. The stand-alone pages can be managed and edited in the same way as the others and at any time you can transform them in normal pages which are displayed in the navigation menu.
  • Page name with no link*: this allows you to add an option in the main menu of the website, not connected to any page, which is used to view dropdown submenus by moving the mouse over the name of the page without a link.

  • Photo Album*: to create a page where you can publish photos and images.
  • External link*: to create a link to any other page on the Internet.
  • Shop page**: to create an E-commerce page with catalogue and shopping trolley.

    N.B.: Should you wish to change the page type and at the same time change content which is already online, first you need to delete or edit the content and then go ahead and change the page type.
  • *Pages available with the Ultra Pack and E-Commerce Pack version;
    **Pages available with the E-Commerce Pack version