With SiteBuilder you can add a Guest Book page to your website, with which the users can publish or send requests, suggestions and comments to the administrator of the website.
You can enter the Guest Book, choosing it as a template when adding a new  page


or you can edit a page that you have already created, by clicking the “Edit” button in the  “Website Manager” section.

A page will then open, where you can add a heading or an initial message for the Guest Book:

By clicking the “Submit” button at the top of the page, you can upload the Guest Book in the  page of your website and look at a preview by clicking on “view” found next to the name of the  page:

By clicking on “Send a new message”, the users will be able to enter a comment/request.
All the comments that are submitted, will be displayed in the page but you can however change them and delete them, by clicking on “Edit” found next to the name of the page with the Guest Book.