SiteBuilder provides a series of add-ons that you can add to the pages of your website.
To add Goodies simply click on “Goodies and add-ons” found in the side menu of the “website manager”, click on the preview of the goodies that you wish to add and then follow the  instructions to enter it in the pages of your website.

In certain cases the system may not allow you to place the Goodies in specific areas of the  web page: this can happen if by adding Goodies the design of the website is distorted, and therefore will not be displayed correctly.
In such cases, you will need to choose a different position for the selected Goodies within the web page.

You can add any of the Goodies except those that are marked with a padlock.

The Goodies which are available with the various versions of SiteBuilder are the following:


  • Hit Counter: to add a counter for the number of hits to the web pages;
  • Google Analytical Code**: to add the Google Analytics tracking code to the website
  • Password Protected Pages: to create protected pages which can only be accessed by entering a  password
  • You Tube: to add You Tube videos in the web pages;
  • News: to publish Google News directly on the pages of the website built with Sitebuilder
  • Google Search: to add a Google search box to the web pages
  • Language Translation: allows visitors to translate the pages of the website in one of the popular languages
  • Flash Intro Animation**: to create an animated introduction for the website with the help of Flash Wizard
  • Search Engine Optimization: allows you to add, for each page you build with SiteBuilder, a title, a description and relevant keywords, to optimize the position of the page and the website on the main search engines.
  • Add Banner**: allows you to add, in the web pages, banners which can be linked to any page on the Internet
  • Google Adsense*: allows you to add Google Adsense advertisements on your website pages and earn from the advertisements viewed by the visitors of the website
  • Current Date and Time Stamp: allows visitors to view the current date and time
  • Last modified Date and Time Stamp: allows you to add the date and time your web page was last edited to the web page itself  
  • Calendar: allows you to add a link that takes you to a customized Yahoo calendar
  • PayPal*: allows you to add a link that visitors can use to pay you through PayPal.
  • Google Checkout*: allows you to add a link that visitors can use to pay you through Google Checkout.
  • Map: allows you to add a map which indicates a specific route on your web page
  • Driving Directions: allows you to add a map which indicates driving directions to reach a specific location
  • Animated Cursor: allows you to add various types of animated cursors to your website pages
  • Hcard: allows you to create Hcards, or rather cards with contact information which can automatically be  read and stored by the software on the visitor’s PC.
  • Yahoo Presence: allows you to view, in the website pages, your Yahoo Messenger status
  • Mailing List: allows you to create a mailing list and enable visitors to subscribe
  • Tell a friend: allows you to add a link to your website pages which your visitors can use to recommend the website to others.


*Goodies available with the Ultra Pack and E-Commerce Pack version

**Goodies available with the E-Commerce Pack version

In the top right corner of the Add-ons page you will find the “Help film” link: by clicking it, you can view various brief video guides which demonstrate how the applications work and how they can be added.

ATTENTION!!! For a better use of the 'YouTube' Goodies and for the correct display of the page and the template, we recommend that you use the templates called:
"Semplici e eleganti - 600 Modelli. Per inserire più testo in home page" (Simple and elegant - 600 Models. To enter more text in the homepage).


Depending on the Pack (Lite, Ultra or E-Commerce) you are using, it is possible that the list of Goodies viewed when editing a single page (fig.1) and the list found in the  Website Manager (fig.2) do not match:

(fig. 1)

(fig. 2)

This is because, when editing a page, you will only see the Goodies that can actually be used for that page, while in the Website Manager you will see all the Goodies available in the application and therefore that can be used both on a single page, and on all the website.


Here below is the list of Goodies which concern the ‘entire website’, in other words those which involve a change to all the website and not only to a single page, only available from the Website Manager section:


Google Analytical Code: For this function first of all you need to register to the  Google Analytics service ( Google Analytics is a web analytics solution which allows you to get detailed information on your website traffic and on the effect of marketing campaigns.

Password Protected Pages: allows access to the website only by entering the correct password.


Flash Intro Animation: to create a Flash animated introduction for the website.

Search Engine Optimization: to optimize and improve the visibility of your website in the main search engines.

Add Banner
: allows you to add a banner to the homepage and to all the pages in the website.