Import Address Book from old (previous version 1.5)

Import Address Book from old Webmail (previous version)

The webmail of Aruba, allows you to import address books in LDIF and CSV format, therefore, you can import the contacts saved in the address book of the previous version.
To proceed you need to follow these instructions:

Export old address book:

Open the old webmail (previous version)


Go to the Addresses menu


Click on export


Select the contacts that you wish to export: by clicking on Select all the contacts will be selected otherwise  you can select one at a time by clicking the flag
Click on export and Save the file locally


Once completed open the webmail,


Select the contacts menu


and from the dropdown menu at the top, click on import


At this point you can select the type file that you wish to import, if you are exporting a file from the address book of the old webmail (indicated above) the format will be .ldif


In the next screen click on:


Once the upload has been completed the contacts will be imported automatically.