Account for management of Third level domain names

Third level domain names can be managed with the same access data (login and password) of the relevant second level domain, or if you wish, you can request, during the order process, a new account (still type of email account).

The new login and password can only be used to manage the Third Level domain, while for other things related to the domain (access the Customer Area, purchase any additional service etc..) you must use the login and password of the second level domain.

Once the account has been activated you can however change the Account and Password by sending the following information by fax to the number +39 0575/862000:
  • Change Account and Psw of Third Levels form duly filled in and signed
  • Copy of ID of the owner of the second level domain to which the third level is associated.
  • If the owner is a Company/Body/Association: company registration certificate, company statute, notary deed or other document which proves that the person requesting the change is the legal owner (Documents older than 3 months, from the date the request was sent, will not be accepted).