If you change the Registrant, you change the owner/holder of a domain.

- When can I change the Registrant?
- Required documentation
- Additional Documentation and Steps Required
- Domain with PEC Service
- Domain with Database

When can I change the Registrant

It is possible to change the Registrant in two ways stages. With the help of the table below you can see the steps you need to take based on when you wish to submit your request.




No additional cost, besides the cost of the domain renewal.


The change must be completed successfully within  the expiration date of the domain (the required documentation must be submitted within 15 days of the expiration date).




The domain expiration date will be updated for a period from 1 to 5 years as specified in your renewal.
We recommend starting the process in good time  (at least 15 days before the expiration date).


Additional cost.



Registration cost of the domain (.it, .com)
Basic Service (e.g.: Hosting, DNS Management...)

 To calculate the exact cost, please see our price list.



Bank Transfer.

Indicate the Domain Name you wish to edit as the reason for payment.



The domain expiration date will not be affected.


Required documentation

See below the documentation you will need to send to change the Registrant:

  1. Copy of photo ID card of the new Registrant;
  2. Copy of photo ID card of the old Registrant;
  3. Receipt of the new payment for the Change of Registrant (only if the required documentation is not submitted within 15 days of the expiration date).
  4. Change Domain Registrant form, duly filled in and signed both by the new and old  Registrant, complete with Authorization Code.
Additional documentation or steps required* (see table below for “ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION AND STEPS REQUIRED”).


When Changing the Registrant, it is also possible to change the Account Details (Login and Password) by selecting the provided boxes:

  1. Be kept the same: if you wish to keep your details and the current Login and Password the same;
  2. Be changed with the Following: if you wish to change your details updating them with the new Login and Password:

Additional Documentation and Steps Required

Check, by using the table below, if you need to send additional documentation or follow additional steps, based on the type of domain you are making changes to.

GOV.IT domain

.IT domain

.EU domain
Domain other than
.IT or .EU
.UK domain
and .ES domain

From the site of the AgID (Agenzia per l'Italia digitale), in section:
Change domain details

you can specify the new details.

More details are available at www.agid.gov.it

Additional documentation to send to us

Change  Registrant Form

(without  indicating the AuthInfo code, as not required for .gov.it domains).

Additional documentation

Acceptance of Responsibility Form

(based on the New Registrant) filled in with the same details entered in the Change  Registrant form..

Possible additional steps

 Eurid, may, following your request to Change the  Registrant, make  random checks and request feedback both from the new and old domain Registrant.

Please Note:

The change must be  confirmed within 5 days, if not, the request will be cancelled.

Additional steps

Following the change of  Registrant, you will need to  confirm the domain contact details.

More details are available in this article.

Process for .uk domains

Process for .es domains

Domain with PEC Service

If the domain in question is associated with the PEC service, the old Registrant is obliged to delete the  Certified Email accounts and related content, before changing the Registrant.

If said accounts and content are not deleted, these will be transferred to the new Registrant.


In order to keep the Pec service, the new Registrant, will need to provide the following besides the rest of the documentation:

  1. Application Form for Certified Email service
  2. Contract takeover for certified domains


Se il nuovo Registrante non è interessato a mantenere il servizio Pec, deve inviare:

Tale modulo deve essere compilato sia dal vecchio (cedente) che dal nuovo Registrante (cessionario).


Domain with Database

To change the ownership of a MySql or MSSQL database, see our Knowledge Base article titled: Change ownership of MySql and MS Sql database.

We recommend using this process, above all, if you have a Hosting Bundle service.



You can send all the required documentation either by:

- Submitting a support Ticket, through which you can send a copy of the documents;

- Sending a copy by fax on the number +39 0575/862100.


Fill in the Forms in CAPITAL LETTERS.

If the details are not clear, your request may be rejected.

Aruba may request further documentation (Company Registration Certificate, Company Statute, Notary Certificate, etc...) to confirm the identity of the persons involved.