Process for the registration and purchase of services for domain names

In order to purchase services and register domain names, you need to, first of all, purchase the services you wish to associate with the domain name from Aruba and then choose and register the domain name with the AgID (Agency for Digital Italy).

More specifically, you need to: 

  • Enter, in the provided form, the name of the domain you wish to buy the services for; 
  • Choose the main service and any additional service for your domain and complete the online order process;

  • Request the registration of the domain name from the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID – Italian public body)  by using the provided form found online at (the details  required to fill in the Registration form will be included in the order confirmation email).

We remind you that, for domain names, Aruba will only activate the services chosen for the domain, which will be activated as soon as your payment has been processed by Aruba and will be valid for one year, regardless of the registration date of the domain name.

The registration of the name must however be requested through the
Agency for Digital Italy (AgID – Italian public body in charge of registrations).

ATTENTION: the services purchased for domain names, even if activated, may not be used and/or displayed until such domain names have been registered.