Aruba Email service – configuration and access through the Webmail

All the email accounts which are active with  (;; can be configured on mail clients or managed via the web, thanks to the WEBMAIL service that Aruba offers to its customers.

If you wish to configure your email accounts on a mail client, you can get the parameters that need to be set and the configuration demos at:

If you wish to manage your email accounts via the web, Aruba provides the following:

For all email accounts accessed via the web and on each version of the Webmail, starting from the  21/11/2009 the messages moved to the SPAM folder (if the service is active) will be deleted automatically from the server if found in this folder for more than 30 days; the same process will also be applied to the messages which are placed in the Recycle Bin, which will be deleted automatically if found in this folder for more than 90 days. Such function, performed on a daily basis, is automatic for all email accounts, to regain storage space.