Aruba offers its customers the FTPS protocol for secure transfer of files and folders.

To use this protocol, just type in ftps://ftp.domainname.xx in the "Host" field found in the  quick connect bar of the ftp client you are using and fill in the other fields with your Login and password (without changing the port).

(If you are using Windows+Linux: ftps://win.domainname.xx or ftps://lnx.domainname.xx depending on whether you wish to access the Windows Server or the Linux Server).

By configuring the FTPS protocol the system will request you to accept the certificate so you can then have a secure connection.

N.B: the configuration of the clients varies depending on which application you are using, in some clients in fact to configure the FTPS protocol, you need to select, in the Site Manager section, the type of server to use for the connection and select one of the following options:

FTPS- FTP over  implicit TLS/SSL
FTPES-FTP over explicit TLS/SSL

Here are some images relevant to the above instructions.

N.B.: The images refer to FileZilla client, different clients may use other names or words, but the options mentioned above will be the same and can be used to configure the FTP client.

Access in FTPS via quick connection:

Access in FTPS via selection of server in Site Manager: