Firewall is a protection program which is just as essential as an Antivirus, and is a system which protects the ports on your computer from attacks made online.
Comodo Firewall is an excellent program, completely free of charge which is available at :

The software is compatible with the following Windows versions:

32-bit Windows 7 / Vista/ XP SP2
64-bit Windows 7 / Vista/ XP SP2

After selecting the operating system you can proceed to Download.
Once you have saved the software on your PC you can start the installation by double clicking this icon:


Proceed with the installation by selecting the language you prefer and accepting the conditions of use and license.


Enter your email address if you wish to receive News from Comodo (optional),

and select the products you wish to install:

1-   Comodo Antivirus
2-   Comodo Firewall
3-   Comodo HopSurf Toolbar
4-   Comodo TrustConnect

We suggest that you select options 1 ,2 ,4  and then proceed with the installation.
In the various steps the application presents certain configurations, we recommend that you keep the default settings. You can however select the options you prefer.

After completing the installation, as the application suggests, restart your PC.
Once restarted, COMODO will already be running

The icon of the software will be displayed in the taskbar, from which you can view the alert messages which the program displays.

Customization of Configuration

The default settings are those which are recommended, however you can change the standard configuration.
To open the control panel and check or change the settings you need to follow this path:

START --> All programs --> Comodo --> ComodoInternetSecurity --> ComodoInternetSecurity

Summary page

The SUMMARY page displays key information, like:

-   If you need to scan your PC
-   Any detected Malware
-   Status of inbound and outbound connections

From the ANTIVIRUS page you can check the:

-   Update of the Virus Database (We recommend that you use this function on a regular basis)
-   Scheduled scans (to schedule the scans automatically)
-   Antivirus Settings (to change the settings of the antivirus)


From this page you can:
-   View all Firewall events and warnings triggered by possible attacks;
-   Define Safe applications:
-   Block a specific application in order to refuse all its connection requests;
-   Define which addresses or networks can communicate with your PC.
From the Active Connections window you can see which applications are currently connected

DEFENSE + page

From this section you can:

-   Block or protect specific files.
-   Verify the running processes 

MORE.. page:

From this menu you can:
-   Set automatic updates 
-   Select the Language 
-   Select personal settings such as:

-   Update your Software
- Visit the Comodo official Forum.