The Novirusthanks Malware Remover Software is a free program which is part of the anti-malware software category, which allows you to detect and eliminate many hidden threats from your computer;
It is available in a Free version and can be downloaded at :

Once you have downloaded it to your PC you can start to install it.
After selecting the language you prefer,

accepting the conditions of use and selecting the options of your choice

you can go directly to the Software settings and then run it.

Start the application by clicking the icon on the desktop or the one found in the menu:

Once opened you can customize the settings of the software, like change the language from the Language tab:

Whereas from the Settings tab you can select the scanning options.
Here below is a screenshot with the recommended settings for the scanning process.

After selecting the recommended settings, go to the SCAN page and start the application by clicking the Scan button:

the scanning process will begin:

Once the process has been completed, a message will appear asking whether or not you want to open the scanning report:

By selecting YES the list of detected files will be displayed and you will be able to select the infected files and then delete them by clicking the Remove button.

If a message appears asking you to confirm that you want to delete, you must confirm to complete the process.

Software Update

We remind you that, if you have been using the software for a few weeks, you will need to Update the service using the Update tab: