How to manage a domain that is associated to the Hosting service on a Dedicated or VPS Server

To manage a domain that is currently associated to a Hosting service (Windows or Linux) on a Dedicated or VPS Server, you need to:

• Set up the hosting of the domain on the dedicated/VPS server and transfer the files which make up the website,
• If you wish to manage the emails of the domain directly on the dedicated/VPS server create the required email accounts on the dedicated/VPS server (or you can continue to manage your emails on the shared servers of Aruba),
• Once the website (and any email account) is fully functional on the dedicated/VPS server, change the type of service for your domain from Hosting service to "Domain registration with  DNS management and email" service.

You can change the type of service at

• Change the service, access the Control Panel of the domain, found at http://admin.domainname and, click on the "DNS Management" option, associate the host "www.domainname", "ftp.domainname" etc... to the IP address of the dedicated/VPS server.

We recommend that you do not change the parameters of the host "admin.domainname" as it must stay the same to allow access to the " http://admin.domainname" control panel.

If you wish to manage your emails through the dedicated/virtual server, you can choose to use your own server as opposed to the mail servers of Aruba from the "DNS Management" control panel.

We remind you that when you are changing the type of service, the hosting services (and mail services, if you also transfer the mail server on the dedicated/VPS server) will be interrupted for around 24 hours.