To renew the VPS server you need to access, with your login and password, the Customer Area of the website

During the renewal process you can:

• Select the duration of the service (from 1 to 12 months)
• Select Add-ons for the control panel
• Request an Upgrade of the service

Whereas it is NOT possible to:

• disconnect add-ons previously activated
• switch to a smaller service (Downgrade)*
• renew VPS Servers which expired over 10 days ago

N.B. Upon expiration of the contract, you will receive emails urging you to renew the service or in any case reminding you that the service will be disconnected if the payment is not received within the terms of the contract.

*Switching to a smaller service (Downgrade) is also NOT possible while the service is active.

We specify that the renewal of the Virtual Server will only be completed once the payment has been received.