The technical staff of Aruba updates the operating system on a regular basis (running of Windows Update for VPS with Microsoft operating system, update of rpm packages for VPS with Linux Centos operating system).

As for the Windows Update is, only a part of these are compatible with the virtual software used (as you can see in this link ), for this reason – even though the user has every right to  install such fixes – we strongly advised you to wait for our staff to complete the updates following appropriate tests.

For this reason it is best to keep the automatic update settings (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Automatic Updates) set on "Turn off Automatic Updates".

If you still wish to install such updates, you need to take care to proceed only with those found in the abovementioned link.

If you install updates which are not compatible and that jeopardize the functioning of the system, to restore the system you need to completely reset the virtual machine (or restore from a backup, if available)