Security settings for VPS Servers


The entire network of VPS Servers is protected by a firewall and allows access from the Internet to the VPS servers and vice versa only for the following services/ports:

  • FTP (TCP port 20 and 21)
  • SSH (TCP port 22)
  • SMTP (TCP port 25)
  • DNS (UDP port 53)
  • HTTP (TCP port 80)
  • POP3 (TCP port 110)
  • IMAP (TCP port 143)
  • HTTPS (TCP port 443)
  • FTPS (TCP port 989 and 990)***
  • VPN through OpenVPN (UDP port 1194)
  • VPN through PPTP protocol (IP GRE protocol and TCP port 1723)***
  • Microsoft SQL Server (TCP port 1433)
  • MySQL-Server (TCP port 3306)
  • Microsoft RDP-Terminal Server (TCP port 3389)
  • PostgreSQL Server (TCP port 5432)
  • Access to the control Panel and to the Power Panel (TCP port 4643 and 8443)

***(For future  implementation)

Aruba, however, reserves the right to implement more filters in the future.

It is not possible to open more ports or protocols other than those listed above, however it is possible to restrict traffic even further by using the functions of firewall included in the control panel.