Antivirus on VPS Servers with Windows operating system

Here below are the most frequently asked questions about the antivirus of VPS Servers:

Is there an antivirus on my Windows VPS server?
Yes, there is a centralized antivirus system which protects all the Windows VPS Servers in real time on the physical servers that hold the Windows VPS servers.

Can I disenable the centralized antivirus of the VPS Server?
No, you cannot disenable the antivirus protection on your Windows VPS Server.

Is this antivirus the additional module specified in the VPS Server control panel?
No, the antivirus specified as the additional module in the control panel is additional protection exclusively for emails to and from the VPS Server.

Can I install another antivirus on my Windows VPS server, in addition to the antivirus activated on the physical machine and the additional module?
You can install antivirus tools which perform scheduled tests on the files in the hard disk, but you cannot install other antivirus with "Realtime" protection, in addition to the existing one.
Some antivirus programs do not allow you to separate these two functions, therefore they do not work on the VPS server.