How does the Power Panel, a VPS Server web management console, work and what is it used for?

The Web Management Console of the VPS Server is available via Internet browser at https://SERVERADDRESS:4643 and by logging in using the “Administrator” (for Windows servers) or “root” (for Linux servers) account, it can be used to perform maintenance work on VPS Servers, most of which also on VPS Servers which are switched off, like:

- Stop and Start the VPS Server
Perform a backup and restore of the entire VPS Server in a specific space provided on Aruba Backup servers
Transfer files between your Computer, business or personal, and the VPS Server
Change the “Administrator” or “root” password of the VPS Server
Change the firewall rules of the VPS server
- Monitor the state of the VPS Server and check the traffic logs
Restore any problem found in the VPS Server

The user guides for the Power Panel can be downloaded from the Power Panel itself.
Alternatively you can view the 
Video Guides.