Useful information for configuring a different FTP service other than the standard one on VPS Servers

The VPS server of Aruba comes with an FTP service: Microsoft FTP Service in the case of VPS servers with Windows operating system and ProFTPD in the case of VPS servers with Linux operating system.

In both cases the services can be managed from the control panel included in each VPS server and usually it is not necessary to configure them manually and/or install other FTP services.

Therefore the only purpose of this information is to help those who wish to configure a different FTP service other than the default one, with the required technical skills.

With regards to this we remind you that if you install a different FTP service you can no longer manage it from the control panel and it could cause various malfunctions to the control panel itself.

Aruba shall not provide any type of technical support for problems with VPS servers that have been changed, therefore we recommend that you make a complete backup of the VPS server before you  proceed.


The network of VPS servers of Aruba is protected by a central firewall which only allows you to reach the VPS servers on certain TCP/UDP ports.

Therefore, if you wish to use a different FTP service other than the standard one you need to make sure that you:


- Disenable the default FTP service (interrupting and disenabling the relevant service) or set it up so that it responds on different ports other than the standard 20 and 21: This way the default FTP service will no longer be reachable from the internet from outside the virtual server itself.

- Install a new FTP service that is compatible with the operating system found on your VPS server.

- Configure the new FTP service so that it responds on the standard TCP ports 20 and 21 (usually you only need to set port 21, port 20 is used as a consequence).

- If you wish to access the server via FTP in "passive" mode, you need to set the new FTP service so that the range of ports used for the FTP in Passive (PASV) mode is 50000-50500 (see the user manual of your  FTP service for information on how to set this).

- Make sure that the firewall that you have installed on your VPS server (Windows Firewall, Iptables etc...) does not block the ports relevant to the FTP service: In this regard we advise you to test access to the server via FTP before you begin the process, so that it is easier to identify problems in case the new FTP service does not work correctly.