If you are using a Mail Client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc) to manage email accounts which are associated with a domain name registered with Aruba(accounts@domainname.xxx), for the SMTP server you will need to enter this parameter: smtp.domainname.xxx

You will also need to select the
My Server requires authentication* option (for the outgoing mail server) using the same settings as your incoming mail server, or rather the  name and password of the account that you configured.

For instructions on how to configure the email accounts see our user guide.  

* N.B.
Depending on the type of Mail Client you are using, the option My server requires authentication” as found in Outlook, may be different, but still similar, like for example This server requires me to log on – or My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication etc...

 Some internet providers (for example Tele2, Three, etc.. ) don’t allow you to send emails unless you use their SMTP server. In this case we recommend that you change the configuration of the email accounts using the SSL protocol. For details on the parameters that need to be set for the  configuration see the article titled: How to use the SSL protocol for the domain email account.

If the problem persists you can open a Ticket
 from the Aruba Support section and request technical support.

We remind you that by using the Webmail
(found at webmaildomini.aruba.it) you can receive and send email messages without any problem whatsoever.