How to configure SQL Server 2005 Express SP1 on the VPS server (with Windows operating system)

1) Access the virtual server via Remote Desktop (RDP): For useful information see the video guide "Accedere con RDP" (Access with RDP)

2) Download the installation files from the website
In particular (the links may change in the future):

SQL Server 2005 Express SP1:

SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express:

N.B. Download 64 bit version, or the file: SQLServer2005_SSMSEE_x64.msi

3) From Administrative Tools >>> Computer Management >>> Local Users and Groups:
- Create a new user with a name of your choice, removing:
User must change password at next logon and flagging "Password never expires"
- Edit the properties of the user and set as "Member Of" the Administrators group

4) Launch the installation file of the SQL Server "SQLEXPR.EXE" just downloaded:
- During the setup, REMOVE the flag from the option: "Hide advanced configuration options"
- Set "Use a domain user account" and username and password of the user previously created (leaving the "domain" field blank) in the page where the "Service Account" is required.
- If you wish to connect to the SQL Server service from external hosts, the instance must be set as "Default instance" (therefore the "SQLEXPRESS" instance cannot be used).
The rest of the requested options can be set as you prefer.

5) At this point from ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS >>> SERVICES you can:
- Set the SQL Server service (SQLEXPRESS) in Automatic starting mode
- Set Log On with "Local System Account" user (optional)
- Start the service
You can also do the same thing for the "SQL Server Browser" service
If you have chosen to start the services with the "Local System Account" user, "Network Services" or other user, the user previously created can then be deleted, still from the interface:
Administrative Tools >>> Computer Management >>> Local Users and Groups.
Alternatively, you can assign different rights, other than the administrative rights, to the user in question.

6) Once the SQL Server service has started, it can be managed with the tools found in the "Start" menu >>> "Programs" >
>> "Microsoft SQL Server 2005"
By starting the SQL Server Management Studio you may get an error message which indicates that the "mscorlib.tlb" file is missing: You can ignore this error and continue.