Configuration of subdomains on your Linux VPS Server

To configure a subdomain on your VPS Server, you need to follow these steps:

1. access the control panel and click on the Home link in the navigation menu.
2. select the domain in the list of displayed domain names;
3. click on the “Sottodomini”(Subdomains) icon in the Hosting section;
4. in the tools section click on the ‘Aggiungi nuovo sottodominio’ (Add new subdomain) icon;
5. type in the name that you wish to assign to the subdomain in the Sottodominio (subdomain) textarea;
6. if the subdomain needs SSL support for secure transactions, select the relevant checkbox, the system will use the certificate installed under the parent domain;
7. if the subdomain is managed by the administrator leave the option ‘Utilizzare l'account FTP del dominio principale’ (Use the  FTP account of the main domain) selected in the preferences of the account, if the subdomain is managed by another person select the option ‘Crea un utente FTP per questo sottodominio’ (Create an FTP user for this subdomain) and then enter login and password that will be used to access the web space via FTP;
8. in the ‘Servizi’ (Services) section you need to select the extensions and the support required for the website to work correctly;
9. if you wish to set the quantity of space that the third level domain should occupy enter the limit in GB in the textarea Quota hard disk;
10. last of all click on OK to confirm your settings.

The distribution of the DNS and therefore correct display of the subdomain may take 24/48 hours.

ATTENTION!!! The subdomains created through this process will only be displayed if the corresponding record is active on the authoritative nameservers.

If the domain is registered with Aruba, you need to access the DNS Management control panel ( then add a new host, assigning the ip of the server to the new third level domain.

If the domain is managed by a different maintainer, you need to have the record added.

To delete a subdomain go to the plesk control panel, select the chosen domain name and click on the ‘sottodomini’ (subdomain) icon, flag the checkbox relevant to the third level domain that you wish to delete and click on the ‘Elimina selezionati’ (Delete selected) button, confirm that you wish to delete and press the OK button, the subdomain will be deleted from the server.