Business Mail: additional features

Aruba offers all Business Mail customers, the new additional service for domain accounts, which adds new functionalities to those already found in the Webmail and allows professional and high standard management of your emails.

The service is available to all those who have a domain name and one of the following main services including email service:

• Windows Hosting;
• Linux Hosting;
• Windows+Linux Hosting;
• Aruba Nuke Hosting;
• PhotoAlbum 2.0
• Blog 2.0;
• DNS Management with mail;
• Redirect Management with mail

Business mail can be purchased at the cost of €5,00/year +VAT, both when you are placing an order and during a renewal, or it may be requested at any time from the Customer Area (in this case, the additional service will have the same expiration date as the domain to which it is associated).

The service will be associated to all the email accounts of the domain: the activation will be confirmed by email once Aruba receives the payment.

The main features of the service are the following:

CONFIGURATION OF EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS: to configure up to 4 email accounts (also external to in the webmail itself, so you can check multiple email accounts simultaneously;

WEB STORAGE: for each account you can have a storage space on the server that is equal to the size of the email account, in which you can upload and save documents, images, videos and music. The Web Storage also has an editor for images and texts, with which you can create, edit and save files and documents directly in the Webmail.
Since the size of the Web Storage is equal to that of the email account, it may be increased at any time by purchasing the GigaMail service.

BAM (Big Attachment Message) FEATURE: to send large attachments very easily.
If the size of the attachments exceeds the limit
set from the control panel, in fact, they will not be included in the message, but the recipient will receive a simple link, where the relevant files will be displayed.

This way the files will not occupy space on the email account, nor risk not being received by the recipient, because they are “too big”.

CONTACT/EVENT SYNCHRONIZATION: to synchronize events and contacts between mobile phone, Outlook email Client and webmail and keep them up-to-date.

CORPORATE ADDRESS BOOK*: the address book which can be managed and edited by using the Postmaster account, to add contacts and groups that will then be displayed in all the domain email accounts;

CORPORATE CALENDAR*: evolution of the traditional function, by using the Postmaster account, this allows you to manage a specific Calendar which will then be displayed in all the domain email accounts;

MULTIPLE PERSONAL ADDRESS BOOKS: to create and customize multiple address books, so you can organize the contacts based on your needs;

MULTIPLE CALENDARS: configure multiple personal calendars which you can manage separately, based on your own personal needs.

the Corporate calendar and address book cannot be synchronized on Email Clients or mobile devices.
Synchronization is allowed with Personal calendars and address books /calendars and address books created by the user.