Configuration of multiple external accounts

With Business Mail you can configure up to 4 email accounts even if they are external to Aruba, so you can check multiple email accounts simultaneously.

Once the external accounts have been configured, in fact, you can check the messages found in the various  folders, reply to the emails, forward and send new messages by using the address of the external account as the sender.

It will be possible to view the folders relevant to the external accounts but they will not be downloaded on the  Server, therefore not taking up space in the Webmail.

To configure an external Account you need to:

• Click on : “External Accounts” found in the “Messages” menu and then on the “Add a new account” button 




The process to configure the additional address will then begin:

1. Enter the address of the email account that you wish to add and click on
Proceed” :


2. Enter the details of the account

You will need to enter, in the provided fields, the following information:

Provider: the name of the provider of the email service (N.B.: this field is optional.)
: the full address of the account you wish to add for example:
Password: the password of the account that you indicated before 
Server address
: the address of the incoming mail server
If the account you are adding is provided by Aruba, the address you should enter is: (or / /, depending on the type of server you are using).
Server type: select one of the following types of servers:

- POP3 Server           
- POP3s Server
- IMAP4 Server
- IMAP4s Server
depending on what services are associated to the domain name related to the account.

Then click on Save to confirm the configuration of the external account.

The configured additional accounts and the messages they receive, will be available by clicking on the specific option found in the “External Accounts” menu.