With the Business Mail service you get a Web Storage for each account of the domain, or rather a space on Aruba Servers, available through the Webmail, in which you can upload and save documents, images, videos and music, at your disposal at any time, regardless from where you access, simply by logging into the Webmail.

The size of the Web Storage will be equal to that of the account to which it is connected, therefore it can be from 100MB up to 10GB, if the GigaMail service has been activated.

The maximum size of each single file that you can upload on the Web Storage is 100MB, whatever its total size may be.

The storage space you have used and how much you have left over in the Web Storage will be displayed on the Desktop of the Webmail of the domain accounts.

the storage space used in the Web Storage is calculated based:

- on the size of the files found in the folders of the Web Storage;
- on the size of the files found in the “Attached File Management” section”;
- on the size of the trash folder of the Web Storage.

Besides this, the Web Storage provided with the Business Mail service, comes with an image and text editor, with which you can create, edit and save files and documents directly in the Webmail.