GigaMail associated to Business Mail

The Gigamail Service allows you to expand the capacity of each email account associated to the domain up to a maximum of 10GB.

On each email account in fact, you can add up to 5 Gigamails (each with 2GB of storage) reaching a maximum capacity per email account of 10GB.

The service can be activated both on the 5 email accounts included in the basic package, and with the unlimited Email service, you can in fact order any number of GigaMails and then choose which email account you wish to expand.
This way you can receive big attachments and manage more messages compared to the normal 100Mb email accounts.
By activating the GigaMail service on the email accounts of a domain with Business Mail service, the size of the  Web Storage of the accounts on which the service is activated will also be increased, to the same size of the expanded accounts.

The Gigamail Service may be disconnected at any time or transferred from one account of the same domain to another: in this case you must be careful not to disable the GigaMail service on an email account which already holds over 1GB of mail.

For more information on how to purchase, activate and use the service, see the
user guides.