How to set an automatic reply for emails received in a domain email account

With the Email service of you can set 2 types of automatic responders: Vacation Message or Autoresponder.

Vacation Message

The Vacation Message can be set by the owners of the accounts from the Webmail control panel, and by the Postmaster through the Email Account Management menu.

The Vacation Message allows you to set an automatic reply for all the emails received in your email account. It is usually used for periods of absence and if you are not able to check your emails, or to send information such as change of email address etc.


once you have opened the Webmail of the account you wish to set the vacation message on, simply:

• Click on Options -> Forward/Auto-reply 

• Enable the option “Set an automatic reply message when you are out of the office”;

• Enter the Subject and Message you wish to send as a reply;

•  Select, if necessary, the expiration date of the Vacation Message, by clicking on the “Enable time limitation” option and selecting a date;

•  Select, if you wish, how often and how many automatic messages you wish to send during such period.

• Confirm your settings by clicking on “Save”.


once you have opened the Webmail as the Postmaster, simply: 
Click on Management
 Click on Email Account Management 
Click on Edit next to the account on which you wish to set the Vacation Message and then proceed as indicated above

Once activated, each message which is delivered to your email account, will automatically receive the Vacation Message that you created.

N.B. The activation of the Vacation Message eliminates the Forward feature.


The Autoresponders can be set on the domain email accounts, by the Postmaster, from the 
Management Panel.

The Autoresponder consists in the creation of a fictitious account with the only function of sending an automatic message to all incoming emails, which are addressed and received by a real email address specified when creating the autoresponder.

To create an “Autoresponder” account you need to access the Webmail as the Postmaster and then click on:

Management -> Autoresponder -> Add Autoresponder.

In the setting page you will need to enter the following details:

Autoresponder Name: enter the name, without of the FICTITIOUS email address which will only be used for sending your automatic reply.

Name in full of the email account which will receive the messages: in this field you must enter a complete address of a REAL AND EXISTING email account where you would like to forward the messages received by the autoresponder.

•  Subject and Text of the automatic reply.

Example: You wish to create a “fictitious” email address 
for receiving entries to a competition, which replies to any email received: Thank you for contacting us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

The Autoresponder Name (or rather a nonexistent address) could be this:

The Name in full of the EXISTING account could be:

- Subject: Competition 2010
- Text: Thank you for contacting us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

In this case you would give this address: to all those who wish to participate, asking them to send an email with their Curriculum Vitae.
Anyone who sends an email to (fictitious account), will receive a reply from with the following message: Competition 2010 – Thank you for contacting us, we will reply to you as soon as possible (subject and text of autoresponder).

Whereas, the emails of the contestants with the Curriculum Vitae will be forwarded and received by (real account).

You can create a Vacation Message and an Autoresponder for each account.