Creating an Alias means giving a second name/ alternative name to an existing account which may or may not belong to the domain.

For example, if you create the ‘information’ alias and you associate it to the existing ‘info’ account, all the messages that are sent to will be received by  ‘’.

Naturally the ‘information’ account does not exist, therefore it cannot be configured on the mail client nor is it available via the web.

To add an Alias or manage existing aliases you just need to log into the Aruba Webmail as the Postmaster, click on Management and then on the Alias option.

To create a new Alias, click on “Add Alias”.

In the form you need to enter the name of the alias (without the @domainname.ext) and the full address of the existing account that will receive all the emails addressed to the alias.


For the existing destination account you can indicate an email account of the domain or any other email account, even if not of the domain: the alias will work all the same.

For each alias you can also regulate the Antispam Filter and create a blacklist, by clicking the provided icons found next to the name of the account.