Business Mail: send big attachments using the BAM Feature

By enabling the BAM (big attachment message) FEATURE, you can send messages with big attachments, without including them directly in the email, but simply by sending the recipients a link, that allows them to view and download the documents.

With this feature you can avoid occupying space in the account of the sender, and in the account of the recipient, allowing you to send attachments even to those with small accounts.

To use the BAM (big attachment message) feature, you need to:

  • Log into the Webmail;
  • Click on: Options --> Preferences --> Messages --> Composition
  • Select Enable BAM feature and select the threshold value above which the attachment will  automatically be transformed into a link.


The maximum size of each attached/linked file can be of 100 MB; however you can attach multiple files to each  email without exceeding the total space of the account (1GB for standard accounts, 5GB for accounts with 1 GigaMail, 10GB for accounts with 2 GigaMail and so on...)

The attachments are available either from the Webstorage, if previously uploaded, or directly from the PC in which case they will be saved in the Attached File Management menu.